You thought you'd find something - didn't you??

Fooled you. 'hah

Well yes. There is nothing here. I know, I know.

People make excuses like I'm going to get to it.
Or, "Under Maintenance," hah, remember that one? OH. I guess not that's before your time.


Anyway. Yes this is a webpage and I am an author of sorts. I have a lot to say. I just haven't said it yet. Like did you know you can use a empty water bottle with air in it as a pillow? I'm not kidding that's how they make air walks. Maybe I might tell you how just about anyone can use an old analog film camera without any prior training. Just by using the setting f8 1/125 or 1/250 during the day. Go ahead, try it. Maybe you would like to know how to install and build a Drupal website - the easy way!

On here you will be able to download a copy of my resume. Maybe find out something about me.