Technology meets Design.

Simon Ayriss began his career doing art all day as a kid.
It was a vehicle to escape and live in another world.
To create.

He won art contests in elementary and high school.

At the age of 19 he landed a job at the 6th largest computer company working with engineers while going to school for Advertising.

His study was Graphic Communications.

Early on, he worked at Advertising Agencies designing promotional print and learning photography.

At 25, he became the Art Director for Herbalife at the Worldwide Headquarters.
He also became Art Director for MobilePlanet, a company bought by Cartier.

He started Design Dog, his own agency, which produced work for Directors and Producers in the Film Industry online.
He worked at one of the largest jewelry part suppliers in the world doing photography and web management.
Now he is currently working at one of the largest employment law firms implementing technology.

Simon Ayriss has studied solutions architect implementation for Amazon Web Services [AWS] and has advanced web coding technologies with Linux and Full Stack development.
Experience and knowledge in brand management, online promotion, PPC, SEO, and graphic design.
Designing solutions for start up companies to corporations.
From initial ideas to executing success that moves companies forward.
Proven company success beyond theory or guesswork.

A Web Engineer with a strong IT background. A Director to grow and promote your company in the right direction.

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