Installing Drupal 8: Information you need know.

Getting past the Drupal 8 [9] Gate. Drupal, eh? Scroll down for the install info. [This is where I ramble.] You want to discover : what it’s all about? what’s the fuss? why do people think it’s so great? how can I leverage it to make a [certain] website? is it really that hard? Or […]

advanced Drupal.

I recently went back in time. I found this old blog post I wrote on a old company website I had in 2010 called DesignDog. I have been working with Drupal even before that. Along with this I remember designing some amazing drupalcamp logos and also contributing logos to Drupal Docs. Still in the Drupal […]

AWS Direct Connect Now Available for Serious Data

What is AWS Direct Connect? What does it mean to me? Good Question. (Break it down for me in simple understandable terms because you know we like simple.) Well, if you have a company and you have a good chunk of data that you either: Have produced, Are producing on a regular basis, or Plan […]